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Visit African Initiatives for more information about our work in Africa and the campaigns we run in support of our partners.




Global Education in the South West

CADE, Cornwall Association for Development Education

CADE has been supporting global citizenship education and awareness of sustainable development in Cornwall for over 10 years. We work with schools, youth and other organisations providing training and awareness sessions, and supporting with resources.

The Global Centre, Devon Development Education

The Global Centre works with people of all ages and backgrounds and from all parts of Devon to enable them to bring about positive change, justice and sustainability. Devon Development Education is based here, providing projects, resources and training on all aspects of Global Citizenship.

DEED, Global Education in Dorset

DEED is the leading provider of Global Education services across the county of Dorset. With over twenty eight years experience of promoting Global Education, DEED offers professional curriculum and whole school support, training and resources to schools, other education settings and the wider community.

GLADE, Somerset’s Global Education Centre

GLADE is Somerset’s Global Learning and Development Education Centre. We offer exciting workshops, assemblies, teacher training, and resources in all aspects of the global dimension.

Wiltshire Global Education Centre

Wiltshire Global Education Centre believes education for global citizenship to be at the heart of teaching and learning to enable young people to deal with the challenges and opportunities of our fast changing world.

WISE – We Inspire Sustainability Education

WISE believes that we can all live in a more sustainable world.  By equipping young people with the skills, knowledge and values they need we can empower them to care for themselves, each other and the planet.


Useful Global Education Websites

Resoures and funding opportunties for school partnerships through the British Council Conncting Classrooms Programme

The website which every teacher or educator should have in the favourites – search for national resources and opportunities


Teaching resources, school talks and campaigns help learners explore global issues and engage in active global citizenship. Including the famous Chembakoli and Barnaby Bear resources.

Amnesty International

A selection of resources on a variety of topics around human rights

British Refugee Council

A range of resources on teaching refugee issues and teaching refugee children who may join your class.

Christian Aid

Resources, assemblies and ideas to bring social justice issues into the classroom.


Oxfam Education offers a huge range of ideas, resources and support for developing the global dimension in the classroom and the whole school.

Refugee Week

A selection of resources from a range of organisations which explore refugee issues in the UK and their impact on our global communities.

Save the Children

A wide range of resources, both free and to buy on different issues including child rights.


Free, fun and creative fair trade activities to use in primary and secondary schools.


There are a wide range of UNICEF UK teaching resources, assemblies, lesson plans and activities, developed within a framework of child rights, which will support schools to work towards the Rights Respecting Schools Award.


An area packed full of inspiring activities, games, fundraising ideas and information for teachers, youth leaders and young people wanting to learn more and get involved with WaterAid.


SEAL and the Global Dimension

“Social and emotional skills are really important to understanding the global dimension and this in turn is really rich material for SEAL.” Deb Michel

The key objective of this new project is to provide clear pathways and appropriate resources for embedding the Global Dimension within the SEAL programme, engaging school pupils in global and development issues.

Search by SEAL or Global Dimension theme for resourced learning opportunities to help your pupils achieve Global – SEAL Learning Outcomes